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                                              Oct. 14th – Oct. 15th 2017


Speed Limit is 10MPH throughout Trails End. Security will be monitoring speed with radar. Thank you for your cooperation.  

Office - Open Tuesday through Saturday 8:30am – 4:30pm for the winter season.

Anti-freeze - Available in the office; $5 a gallon.  

Board of Director’s Meeting - Saturday, October 21st at 9am in the Association Office.

Annual Budget Meeting – Sunday, October 22nd at 10am in the Association Office.  

Summer 2018 EmploymentApplications are now being accepted. All current summer employees must fill out applications for next season. Visit www.trailsend.org or stop in the office for an application. Thank You!!  

Pools – Closed

Concession – Closed

Bar – Closed

Game Room – Closed  

Fitness Center – Open 9am – 5pm daily thru Monday, October 16th only. The Fitness Center will be closed for the season after that date.  

Library – Open daily 9am – 5pm thru Monday, October 16th only. The library will be closed for the season after that date. The wi-fi will also be disconnected.  

Dump Area –Open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:30am – 3:30pm. Closed during inclement weather.  

Winterizing –   To protect your RV remove the hose from the hydrant and make sure the hydrant is off. Damage to the hydrant from freezing is the responsibility of the property owners and the cost to repair/replace is substantial. Also, remove your personal items and things of value, empty the refrigerator and make sure the electric is turned off at the box. Trails End is not responsible for power outages.

When winterizing, DO NOT pour/dump chemicals down the drain as this affects the sewer plant and is a violation. Thank you.


Hydrant Regulations:

• All fittings and hoses must be removed from water hydrants October 15th through April 15th when the property owner is not on property.

• Hydrants must be visible at all times. Structures are not permitted around/over hydrants.


Reminder: All outside lights must be off when your lot is unoccupied and during daylight hours. Thank you for your cooperation.     


Have a safe and healthy winter!




Security Reminders: