2022 Season Updates

2022 Season - Important Information


Raffle winners from Labor Day 9/4/22

Full Year of 2023 Dues: Lot 5756 - Finan

1/2 Year of 2023 Dues:  Lot 3743 Salisbury

1/4 Year of 2023 Dues:  Lot 5211 Marzulla

 50/50 Winner:  Lot 5019 Rizzi $800

Gravel:  Lot 3441 Vega (must order by 8/1/23)

Gravel:  Lot 4926 Dudley (must order by 8/1/23)


1/4 DUES LOTS:  Trails End POA will not be approving any new 1/4 dues lots.

PROPERTY RENTALS:  As per Trails End POA By-Laws Article XIII section 13.6- all renters must be registered with the office, this includes a completed registration form and copy of government photo ID.

DOGS ON COMMON GROUNDS: Trails End POA Rules & Regulations states all dogs must be leashed at all times. Pets are not allowed on common grounds (playground, ballfield, basketball courts, office area, etc).  ALL owners are responsible for picking up after their pet(s).  All service animals must be registered with the office.

LEAKING HYDRANTS: All leaking hydrants are to be reported to the office, as well as, any visible water leaks! This will help keep our water usage down which is necessary to keep us from having to meter each lot.

ANTI-FREEZE:  Should be used while winterizing - DO NOT pour any other chemicals down the drain as this affects the sewer plant and is a violation of DEP.  We do sell anti-freeze in the office if you need it.

STONE: Contact the Trails End Association Office at (570)296-8542. Order must be paid prior to delivery. Same day delivery available (some exceptions apply).

OUTSIDE LIGHTS:  Must be off when your lot is unoccupied and during daylight hours.

HYDRANTS:  Must be visible at all times. Structures and/or locks are not permitted around or on hydrants. If the maintenance staff is required to remove such item a $25.00 service charge will be billed to the property owner.

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