Message from Trails End Board President

An Important Message from Trails End Board President Thomas Miller

Trails End Community,

Hello property owners. We did it! Today, June 19, 2020, Pike county enters into the green phase of reopening. We have all worked so hard to be able to finally reach this point. Due to the hard work of  Trails End Community members, we will be able to enjoy a great summer season. Many sacrifices and changes had to occur to remain operational during the statewide shutdown. Trails End employees and board members were able to discover creative ways to be able to safely serve our community. Some of the changes that were made include creating an online website to allow for to-go orders from the Clubhouse Cafe, adding windows for in-person ordering and pickup, adding tables in the front of the clubhouse, placing physical barriers in areas where social distancing is difficult, and opening up both the upper and lower pools much earlier in the season to allow for people to socially distance. During this time we encountered several incidences where making collaborative decisions that ensured both community safety while still being operational was incredibly difficult. However, we all continued to work together and found creative ways to make it possible. What I am most proud of is the fact that we were able to remain open to property owners at all times throughout this process. That is something that many other communities, similar to our own, we're unable to do. This reassures us that the decisions we made throughout this process were the right decisions. That being said, I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to our employees who continue to make Trails End possible and to our community members for their patience, understanding, and commitment to doing their part in keeping Trails End safe.

As we enter into this new phase I would like to address two of the most common questions that Trails End employees and board members get asked. The first question is, “What does it mean for us to go green?” Some people believe that going green means everything goes back to normal. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Fairs statewide have already canceled, concerts are canceled, and anything that could result in large crowds has been canceled. Even in the green phase, restaurants that do indoor seating must remain at 50% occupancy and implement several measures before doing so. If we go back to exactly how things were before, we will completely negate all the hard work that we put in during this shutdown. We do plan to continue to do our usual community events. However, most events will simply be held in an outdoor setting. Common areas will be open and sanitized three times a day. Both pools and the Clubhouse Cafe (for take-out orders and outdoor seating) will be fully operational with usual business hours (see TE website for specifics). The office will be open for in-person appointments.

The second most popular question is in regards to guests. This decision has been one of the most difficult decisions that we had to make. The reason we decided to not allow guests was because of the limited occupancy allowance for Trails End facilities. We have to ensure that when people are using community facilities, social distancing is possible. If this can not happen, then we would have to use other measures such as limiting the amount of time one person can spend at the pool or using a first come first serve technique. For example, let's say property owner John and his family would like to spend the day at the pool. When they get there, they are denied entry because the pool area has met its maximum occupancy. John has been a dues-paying property owner for 30 years and now he is unable to use the pool because Jennifer invited several of her friends to the pool for the weekend. We want to make it clear that our property owners and their families come first at all times. Another question is, “How long until guests are allowed?” At this point, we are not allowing guests until after July 4th. Why? Because this will allow us the opportunity to see the occupancy of facilities on historically busy weekends when Trails End is just open to property owners and their families. For example, if on the 4th of July weekend, facilities only reach 50% occupancy or less than we will know that it is safe to start lifting that restriction. I know that this is an inconvenience to many. However, every single decision is heavily weighed and discussed before being implemented. We always use a risk vs. reward approach and at this time, this is the best option. I know this letter is lengthy. However, due to the number of people asking these questions and people feeling misinformed or uninformed, I felt it was necessary. Please keep in mind that we are always open to ideas and thoughts regarding creative ways to make Trails End the best community possible. Every decision that we have made thus far has been with the best interest of the community in mind. I remain open to new ideas for the future, but we have all worked too hard to go backwards. I hope that at a minimum I gave you insight into why we made the decisions that we did. I look forward to seeing all of you and having a great summer!


Thomas Miller Board President



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